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All firearms on the site are already made and ready to ship, usually within a day or two. If you ordered additional magazines and we are out of that one then we will send the gun and then send the magazines as soon as they are painted. be patient please, Amazingness takes time.

In the words of Grandpa Biden, "Come on Man". You can cancel, but only if it is before we ship and there is a 15% penalty. That is the "Damn it I already started it" Fee.

No, you cant. My advice, move to a free state.

Pretty damn tough. I have had to redo a few, and it took a hell of a lot of sandblasting to remove it.

Firearms are pretty useless unless they work. What a stupid question. Of course they work.

Other companies will ask you when you check out, they will ask, "do you want shipping insurance?", that is a nice way of saying "if this package gets lost in transit it is your problem". I am insuring every package so you are not left hanging if it is god forbid lost or stolen in transit. So, yeah shipping cost a little more, get over it.

Um, No. Don't be stupid. All firearms Must be shipped to a FFL Dealer. On checkout there is a spot to type in the FFL you want it shipped to.

THat is for the shipping, the backend system will not allow me to charge shipping properly. As a workaround the hazmat fee is the shipping charge. most pistols are straight $25 dollars to ship insured. You do not need to purchase the optional insurance, as every firearm order is insured regardless.

we are going to insure it whether or not you click on "Insurance", so if you want to throw a couple bucks at us, sure, buy the insurance. The web site hoster puts that in there and it can not be removed.

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